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The Grand Council of the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees was established in the 1870s and the Headquarters are at Mark Masons' Hall. Since 1931 the Order has been responsible for the following Five Degrees :-

Degree of St. Lawrence the Martyr.  This Degree teaches the value of fortitude and humility in the face of adversity as demonstrated by the martyrdom of St. Lawrence. It is the first to be taken by candidates admitted to the Order, the others may be taken in any sequence.

Degree of Knight of Constantinople. Relates to the reign of the Emperor Constantine the Great and teaches the virtues of humility and equality.

Degree of Grand Tilers of Solomon or Masons Elect of Twenty-seven. Bears some similarity with the Cryptic Degree of Select Master but with interesting variations. It warns of the dangers of carelessness and hasty judgment and the importance of proper tiling.
The Red Cross of Babylon. Is of considerable antiquity and is profoundly mystical. It is generally associated with the Holy Royal Arch. It emphasises the importance of Fidelity, Integrity and Truth.

The Holy Order of the Grand High Priest. This is also of considerable antiquity and has been closely associated with the Holy Royal Arch. The ceremony is dramatic and is of a profound and spiritual nature.

Regalia requirements are fairly minimal comprising the tie of the Order and either a composite breast jewel with representations of each of the five degrees or a bar with five miniature jewels.


If brethren subsequently achieve District or Grand Rank regalia comprises an appropriate collar in this respect.

The equivalent of a Lodge is called a Council. There are Eight Councils in the Masonic District of Kent.

Invicta Council No. 54, Canterbury Council No. 65, West Kent Council No. 66, Hartley Council No. 74, Paddock Wood Council No. 88, Ashford Council No. 99, White Cliffs of Dover Council No. 210 and the Roy Albert John Williams Past Masters Council No. 273 all of which can be viewed under the District tab, then the Councils in Kent link.

If you are interested in joining, candidates for the Order must be both Mark Master Masons and Royal Arch Companions.